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Mrs H – All about Food was established by Enid Hinrichsen-Swart to serve as a consultant to the modern food manufacturing and food service industries with cost effective solutions as well as to provide cooking classes.

She has a number of food qualifications and has over 35 years of combined experience in the food industry where she was involved with product development, sensory evaluation and food safety. She was also involved with the academia where she trained students in food science and food safety which equips them to be employable in the food industry.

She has also served as a food specialist assisting food safety auditing companies as well as assisting small food enterprises with the implementation of food safety systems. She has a very hands-on-approach and believes in building long term relationships with clients.

Mrs H owned a company that specialized in the production of reformed potato products and frozen biscuit dough’s.

She has consulted for various food companies whereby she developed products such as salad dressings, confectionery products and food products and beverages using Aloe.

Mrs H served as a technical expert for an auditing company by the name of CMi.

In the academic field she was involved with the training of students in the field of food safety systems.  She also instructed and guided students through the process of recipe and product development and is therefore very familiar with new food trends and the use of novel ingredients.  Students were also trained in the principles of sensory evaluation.

Mrs H has extensive knowledge of baking, quality standards of fruit and vegetables and the production of processed meats, fats and food preservation.

Some of the companies for who Mrs H has worked in product development and quality control:

  • Nice ‘n Easy Frozen Foods
  • Baumann’s Biscuits
  • Freddy Hirsch
  • Irvin & Johnson