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Food Safety Training

Hygiene awareness is an essential element of all food safety management systems.  Evidence must show that all food handlers have to undergone food safety training when being audited. Here is an example of a basic hygiene awareness training program that we can undertake with your food handlers in order for you to be accredited with any food safety management system.


1.     Stress the importance of hygiene to the commercial viability of the organization and the consequences of a breakdown in hygiene.

2.     Provide staff with the relevant knowledge on hygienic practices in a way that develops understanding and a positive attitude towards producing safe food.

3.     Enable staff to fulfill their potential by understanding their responsibilities in implementing hygienic practices, improving their skills, promoting confidence and reducing the amount of supervision required.

4.     Ensure that staff understands that they have a responsibility to take corrective action to prevent food borne illness.


TRAINER: Enid Hinrichsen-Swart

Read More (PDF document): Example HYGIENE AWARENESS TRAINING